Quality, reliable assay data in near real-time

  • Validation at the point of data acquisition
  • Data management and real-time data delivery via IMDEXHUB-IQ™
  • Save time and reduce costs
  • Use REFLEX XRF CONNECT ™ software – bring your own pXRF device!




Validation at the point of data acquisition

QA/QC rules are built into the data collection routine with immediate feedback regarding whether instrument values are outside of accepted range on blanks, standards and duplicates. This allows users to rectify data quality problems at the time of collection not discovering issues when it is too late.

Data management and real-time data delivery

The REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ software package is a robust and systematic workflow with QA/QC control application, linking the Olympus VANTA® XRF to IMDEXHUB-IQ™ and delivering accurate and reliable results on every project. This application has been developed to support your own Olympus VANTA® XRF and has additional functionality to ensure you get the most from your unit.

Save time and trust your data

Simplified workflows and access to instant geochemical analysis results provide significant time and cost savings. With real-time access to data, a secure chain of custody and controlled data workflows, IMDEXHUB-IQ™ delivers confidence in the data and makes it accessible where and when you need it.

The REFLEX XRF™ solution combines the power of the award winning IMDEXHUB-IQ™ with state of the art Olympus VANTA® XRF analysis. The REFLEX XRF™ solution delivers quality, reliable XRF data by ensuring optimized and auditable workflows, QA/QC protocols and data integrity, while providing a seamless and user friendly software interface.The REFLEX XRF™ solution is available in a configurable deployment package; from stand-alone REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ software for your own device, through to a complete XRF hardware solution.

Download the REFLEX XRF™ Brochure

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Download REFLEX XRF™ with REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ Brochure

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‘What’s New’ 

REFLEX XRF CONNECT V3.0.2 has been modified to overcome the problems with connecting to an instrument that does not have the “default” method installed. A fresh installation of REFLEX XRF CONNECT V3.0.2 will have no default methods available. Green connection bar is displayed when user connects in instrument profile to download methods.

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Legacy Software to Support Olympus Delta XRF:


This is the full installation package that contains all of the dependencies for operation of REFLEX XRF™. This is required for a fresh install onto a system where REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ has not been previously installed, or a previous installation has been removed completely

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REFLEX XRF™ V3.0.0 Lite

This is the REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ program installation only, and can be used where REFLEX XRF™ is being upgraded from one version to another. It does not contain the dependencies required as these have previously been installed with the earlier version. Do not use this for a fresh installation.

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The computer running REFLEX XRF™ V3.0.0  or REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ V3.0.1 must be licensed before it will operate.

To obtain a 2 week trial licence:

  • Install the software (install all dependencies for the REFLEX XRF™ V3.0.0)
  • Run the program. The Licence Manager will be displayed.

  • Copy the Machine ID as text and send this along with the following information to
    • Your Name
    • Email Address
    • Organisation and Department
  • You will receive an email with your trial licence within 1 working day
  • Copy the licence file to the following location (based on software version):
    • C:\ProgramData\ReflexXrf\3.0.0
    • C:\ProgramData\REFLEXXRFCONNECT\3.0.1
  • Run the program, and when the Licence Manager displays:
    • Click “Open Licence File” button
    • Navigate to the location of the licence file
    • Select the Licence file
    • Click Open

Click “ok” button