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aiSIRIS™ is a cloud-based mineral interpretation AI system for portable infrared spectrometer data, used across 100+ minex sites around the world.

aiSIRIS™ makes it easy for users of portable infrared spectrometers to gain cost-effective, fast, semi-quantitative, standardised mineral interpretations and analytics to readily integrate and enhance their company’s existing workflows.

Developed by AusSpec and consolidating 25+ years of experience applying spectral mineralogy in exploration and mining prior to being acquired by IMDEX in 2020, aiSIRIS™ was developed in response to the industry’s need for an easy way of accessing reliable, standardised, database-ready outputs of infrared-active mineralogy and analytics that can be applied from exploration-focused alteration mapping/logging through to geometallurgical modelling.

aiSIRIS™ as a Standard Operating Procedure

aiSIRIS™ gives companies standardised spectral mineralogy and analytics, which can be accessed through the free aiSIRIS™ Desktop app. Unlimited copies of the app are available for customers to facilitate easy upload of spectra, download of results and supports reporting and collaboration.


Use Anywhere

Manage per-user access rights to all company projects globally, with project datasets and results kept synchronised across all users.

Easy to use

No specialist skills required, with accessibility in-field, offline, or online. QA/QC all acquired spectral data in real-time to ensure data quality early.

Template Reporting

Numerous templates to match your specific geological settings, with a standardised CSV output, ensuring easy syncing between sites to enable team workflows.

aiSIRIS™ app

QA/QC, upload, download, analyse - all in one place. The aiSIRIS™ app is freely available to anyone within a client company to view and share data.

How does aiSIRIS™ work?



Acquire the spectra from a hand-held spectrometer (TerraSpec, Halo, oreXpress etc), import and QA/QC to ensure their quality for processing in real-time.


Upload the data to our cloud-based aiSIRIS™ AI system to analyse the spectra - no technical skills required.


Download the results straight to the aiSIRIS™ Desktop app for review, to collaborate with team members, and export results into your existing workflow.


Results and spectra are saved in the cloud for easy sharing between company geoscientists globally.

IMDEX aiSIRIS™ is a cloud-based mineral interpretation AI system for portable infrared spectrometer data, used across 100+ minex sites around the world

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IMDEX aiSIRIS Brochure 2022


SEG 100 Conference – Celebrating a Century of Discovery

WS03 – Discovery Through Mineralogy: Fundamental Aspects of Alteration Mapping and Spectroscopy

Date: Thursday, September 9 and Friday, September 10

Time: 12:00pm – 4:00pm (PDT)

Location: Virtual Platform

Presenters: Anne Thompson and John Thompson (PetraScience Consultants Inc.), Sasha Pontual (Global Product Manager Automated Mineralogy at IMDEX)

Understanding alteration mineralogy is a fundamental part of mineral exploration and target identification. This two-day workshop (4 hours each day) will develop skills for field and project geologists, including critical field observation techniques, the use of field portable spectrometers as an effective tool, and data interpretation. Workshop includes interactive group work with prospect data.