Structural Geology

Are you confident the structural data you are relying on for key business decisions is accurate and reliable? Have you ever had to wait days, or even weeks for results from the field before making decisions? Worse still, have you had to make a decision based on data you didn’t trust?

Traditional methods of collecting and interpreting structural data from the field are prohibiting companies benefiting from true operational efficiencies. Taking days, if not weeks to collect, manipulate and then finally interpret structural data causing delays in critical decision making. The traditional approach doesn’t have QA built-in, which may result in key drill and mine planning decisions being based on unreliable data. IMDEX has developed its end-to-end STRUCTURAL-IQ™ solution so resource companies can benefit from real-time, secure access to verified structural data directly from the field, improving operational efficiencies and reducing risk from manual intervention.
IMDEX’s STRUCTURAL-IQ™ solution provides the quality of your ACT data in real-time, so you know the reliability of the orientation line your structural data collection relies on. Having IMDEXHUB-IQ™ central to the overall solution also saves valuable time allowing easy combination of survey data from REFLEX Survey tools and structural data from the LOGRx™. Finally, advanced interpretation and analysis can be conducted on all your valuable structural data by using the Stereonet functionality in the ioGAS™ software.

Industry challenges

An end-to-end solution like IMDEX's Structural Geology solution can assist clients facing:
  • Are you confident your structural data is accurate and reliable?

  • Have you ever had to wait days, or even weeks for results from the field before making decisions?

  • Have you ever had to make a decision based on data you didn’t trust?

IMDEX's end-to-end Structural Geology solution

An end-to-end solution like the STRUCTURAL-IQ solution offers all the associated benefits of working with one trusted technology provider for a complete solution. Resource companies can now benefit from operational efficiencies by utilising one company offering the integration of award winning technology to digitise key workflow processes, supported by unrivalled geological expertise.


The award-winning cloud-based hub sits at the heart of IMDEX’s solutions, providing real-time secure access to information between the field and the office.


This core orientation tool provides accurate, QA’d orientation data straight from the drill rig to support the collection of quality structural data.


IMDEX_LOGRx thumbnail
The leading edge LOGRx™ with in-built QA/QC has been developed to ensure rapid and simple structural data capture.


ioGAS™ software offers advanced exploratory data analysis to support the decisions you need make, when you need them.

Seequent Central Integration

IMDEXHUB-IQ™ integration with Seequent’s Central software means you now have real-time 3D visualisation of your drillhole data.


An innovative survey tool such as the REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ™ saves you time and costs by re-engineering the workflow, so you don’t require an on-site technician for drillhole surveying.


Save time on training with the driller-operable REFLEX EZ-TRAC™ survey tool, re-engineering the workflow for single shot, multi-shot and orientation surveys.


Core protection systems like AMC COREWELL™ provide unrivalled protection of the core allowing you to maximise the structural data you can gather.