Drilling Optimisation

Down Hole equipment to enhance drilling performance

The combined strengths of IMDEX’s leading brands AMC and REFLEX together offer a powerful Drilling Optimisation solution for any size drilling contractor or resource company.

REFLEX has a history of pioneering downhole drilling technology has cemented its reputation for providing reliable, accurate and easy to use equipment that you can trust. AMC has had over 30 years experience establishing itself as one of the world’s leading brands for drilling fluids and equipment – developing, manufacturing and supplying a range of specialised and innovative products to the mining industry.

As specialists in Drilling Optimisation, the company aims to redefine the way drilling fluids, equipment, technology and software are used, to ensure execution of drilling programs to specification, on time, within budget and safely.

To find out more about AMC visit www.amcmud.com

Rig Alignment

Real-time Information

Real-time Cloud based Data Access

The End-To-End Solution for Drilling Optimisation

Bottom Hole Assembly

Core Extraction

In-hole lubricating