Effortlessly detect patterns, anomalies and relationships in your geoscience data.

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Industry best practice in interpretive techniques

Generate accurate results in a fraction of the time, using a wide range of visual analytics and advanced quantitative tools for greater insight into your data.
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Partnering with industry leaders for success

Our vision is for an open ecosystem where data is shared securely between ioGAS™, IMDEXHUB-IQ™, and other leading geoscience and GIS software programs.

ioGAS™ is a leading exploratory data analysis software application developed specifically for the resources industry. Traditional methods to analyse results could take many hours and is always prone to human error, ioGAS™ in comparison can generate accurate results in a fraction of the time. Over the past decade a wide range of visual analytics and advanced quantitative tools have been developed to obtain a greater insight into the underlying structure of your data.

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Advanced Data Handling

  • Supported file formats:
    • Excel, text, csv
    • SQL Server, MS Access
    • MapInfo tab
    • XRF data import utility
  • Match imported column names to defined element/oxide/unit combinations using the ioGAS™ ‘aliasing’ logic
  • Validate data using the Data Doctor tool
  • Join/append new data into current workspace
  • Random data subsampling
  • Apply templates to multiple datasets or project areas
  • Track workflow progress using saved checkpoints

Dynamic Graphical Environment

  • Display sample information for up to three variables using colour, shape and size attributes
  • Live update across all displays based on selections and attributes within your data
  • Render groups of data visible and invisible on-the-fly
  • Save interpretation work as visual attributes and distribute attribute information in the dataset to others within your organization

Statistics, Graphs, Maps

  • Summary statistics reports that respond dynamically to parameter selection, data visibility, data grouping and multivariate or univariate modes
  • Frequency tables, Pearson’s and Spearman Rank correlation matrices and regression analysis
  • Visualise data relationships using XY, probability, ternary, box and scatterbox plots
  • Point density heat maps

  • Visualise your interpretation spatially in an attribute map
  • Compare high or low concentrations across multiple elements using variable maps and gridded images
  • Examine distributions and levels of target elements relative to background values with thematic maps coloured by “times-background” operation

Technical Specifications

  • Operating System
  • Windows 10 x64 (64-bit) or Mac OS X 10.8.3 or later (Java 1.8 is bundled with installer)
  • CPU
  • A Multi-Core processor is recommended
  • RAM
  • 6+ GB recommended, 1 GB minimum required.
  • Graphics
  • Performance may vary with graphics card
  • Printer/Plotters
  • Uses operating system defaults
  • Installation Permissions
  • Must be installed while logged on with Administrator permissions
  • Installation Disk Space
  • At least 300 Mb of free space on the Program Files drive is required for the installation process.
  • Network
  • Internet required to download software and receive licence key. Internet not required to run ioGAS™.
  • Supporting Software
  • Microsoft.NET framework 4.61 or above required for acQuireDirect link (if target machine is lower, installer will update)


ioGAS v8.2 What’s New

ioGAS v8.0 New Features

ioGAS QGIS Plugin Live Link Brochure – English

Quick Start Guide

Download ioGAS™ Quick Start Guide – English

Latest update

ioGAS™ 8.2

Download the latest version of ioGAS™ by clicking on the link below. The software is installed into a new folder and existing users* must have a valid licence file in order to run the latest version. A two week trial period is available for new users. Select more information to see what’s new in ioGAS™ 8.2 or refer to the Help file within ioGAS™.

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*Existing users can also download the latest version of IMDEX ioGAS™ via Check for Updates on the Help Ribbon within ioGAS™.

Looking for IMDEX ioGAS™ plugins?

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Leapfrog Live Link

IMDEX and SEEQUENT have combined to produce the ioGAS™-Leapfrog live link for rapid 3D visualisation of geochemical data in real-time. Geoscientific data can be analysed in ioGAS and then visualised and modelled in the 3D environment using Leapfrog Geo. Geochemistry parameters can be added as new attributes and transformed into 3D interpolants for enhancing geological models.

The ioGAS™ Link is sold and licensed as a separate add-on to the Leapfrog Geo software. The link will only run with an active licence of Leapfrog Geo, enabled for the ioGAS™ Link. You will also need Leapfrog Geo v1.3 or later and ioGAS™ v5.0 or later. For further information including how to obtain a trial version of the Leapfrog Geo software or to purchase the ioGAS™ Link please contact your local Leapfrog sales team.

More Information

QGIS Plugin

This plugin is developed by IMDEX and includes a live link to view and refresh data in ioGAS and QGIS in real time. Alternatively, .gas files can be imported into QGIS as temporary scratch layers or GeoPackage files. The plugin is compatible with Windows or Mac OS operating systems and requires a long term release installation of QGIS 3.22  or later and ioGAS 7.3.

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ArcGIS Pro Add-In

This add-in is developed by IMDEX to import ioGAS™ attribute map symbology and supporting data into ArcGIS Pro as a point layer. Data is imported as an attribute point feature class in the project default geodatabase. Requires installed versions of ArcGIS Pro 3.0 and ioGAS 8.0 or later .

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Geoscience ANALYST Live Link

Geoscience ANALYST is a free 3D visualisation and communication software for integrated, multi-disciplinary earth models and data developed by Mira Geoscience. The ioGAS™ for Geoscience ANALYST link is available in Geoscience ANALYST Pro, an add-on module which offers object and data editing and creation functionality, data analysis, interpretation tools and utilities.

The link is purchased separately through Mira Geoscience and activated via the Geoscience ANALYST Pro licence. Contact [email protected] for more information.

More Information

GOCAD® Mining Suite Live Link

GOCAD® Mining Suite is a customised extension of the SKUA-GOCAD™ – Paradigm® software product developed by Mira Geoscience and used for the interpretation and modelling of geological data. The ioGAS™ for GOCAD® Mining Suite link enables data to be worked with in real-time and for the changes to be viewed in both programs.

The link is purchased separately through Mira Geoscience and activated via the GOCAD® Mining Suite licence. Contact [email protected] for more information.

More Information

acQuire GIM Suite Integration

Import data directly from an acQuire GIM Suite database using the acQuireDirect API into ioGAS™. The API enabled users to import data using a pre-existing section file or by manually choosing drillhole or point samples based on selection criteria. Requires installed versions of ioGAS™ 7.0 or later, the acQuireDirect link component and access to acQuire GM Suite database.

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Micromine 2020 Integration

The Micromine team has teamed up with IMDEX’s ioGAS™ to implement the ability to import ioGAS™’ native .gas files, directly into Micromine for our next major release, Micromine 2020.

More Information

Datamine MapInfo Discover Integration

Datamine Discover is an add-on module for MapInfo Professional®. Within the Disocver import menu is a special utility to import ioGAS™ data directly into MapInfo and plot the sample locations in geographical space displayed with the last saved attribute symbology. Separate legend tables are also created during import.

Subsequent changes in ioGAS™ can be made and then saved with the updates displayed using the Discover ioGAS™ import utility refresh option. ioGAS™ can also export data as Tab files which can be opened directly in MapInfo.

More Information

Minalyzer CS Integration

Export high-resolution geochemistry data captured from the continuous XRF scanner Minalyzer CS via Minalogger, the Minalyze web-based drill core visualization software, as native .gas files that can be read directly in ioGAS™.

More Information

Download - ioGAS - QGIS

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Download - ioGAS - ArcGIS Pro

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1 Transfers only in event of new computer/hardware reformat/permanent personnel change
2 Floating tokens have no minimum checkout time and can be returned to the server at any time.
3 Classic tokens have 28-day minimum checkout time and cannot be returned early.

Training events for ioGAS

ioGAS Workflows from Data to Information – Midnight Sun Edition

Date: Monday, 10th June – Tuesday 11th June 2024
Location: Rovaniemi Finland

Register here

Unlock the power of your geochemical data with ioGAS. A two day interactive workshop and delve into the world of geochemical data analysis. Includes:

  • Real-Life Case Studies: Immerse yourself in practical scenarios where you’ll explore lithogeochemical, alteration, and pathfinder trends using ioGAS workflows on data from real exploration projects.
  • Bold Machine Learning: Discover how ioGAS leverages cutting-edge Machine Learning techniques. Bid farewell to the black box — our goal is to empower you, not intimidate you!
  • Geochemistry Unleashed: We’re shining a spotlight on geochemistry! Prepare for a deep dive into this critical domain to enhance mineral exploration targeting and orebody knowledge.
  • Beyond the Basics: ioGAS isn’t just about data — it’s about value. Learn how to extract insights that drive better decisions on your project.


ioGAS Fundamentals

covers the basics of the ioGAS software through to more advanced workflows and is designed for new users, intermittent users who need a refresher and regular users who would like to gain a better understanding of what ioGAS can do for them. Topics covered include data validation/QC tools, univariate and multivariate plots, downhole and line plots, maps and images, plot enhancements, a rundown of the multiple export tools allowing you to move data and products seamlessly into other software, and the creation and use of classification diagrams. It is appropriate for geologists, geochemists, metallurgists and geoscience managers


ioGAS Advanced Workflows

covers advanced ioGAS functions and is designed for regular users who would like to develop their own interpretation routines and expand their geoscience data interpretation skillset. This course demonstrates the advanced techniques offered by ioGAS to model the behaviour of geochemical, lithological, alteration and geometallurgical data as well as interpretation of an integrated dataset; Combining lab-based geochemistry data with pXRF geochemistry, spectral mineralogy, structural geology and downhole geophysics data. The following topics will be covered in this Module: K-means clustering, principal components, discrimination projection and self-organising maps and prioritise exploration or domaining of targets from auto-outlier detection tools.


Training - ioGAS

Expression of interest for ioGAS online or in-person training

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