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IMDEXHUB-IQ™ is the secure, cloud-based portal for validating field data seamlessly transmitted from the drill rig.

Whether you’re at the drill site or in the office, IMDEXHUB-IQ™ assists in the understanding of field data, optimise your drill program and deliver quality results, sooner.

Make decisions in the moment

With access to real-time data, decisions can be made while operations are live. Not next week after the data has been adjusted and certainly not after the drill rig has finished and left the site.

See the bigger picture

Transparency across multiple streams of data, associated with a single drill hole or an entire operation allows managers to monitor activity and ensure quality decisions in the field, wherever they are.

Information, not just data

The rigorous data validation and built-in QA/QC at the time of data collection, ensures that only data that can be transformed into valid, actionable information is transferred.

Simple and secure chain of custody

With no manual intervention or paperwork required, errors and inefficiencies in the workflow are reduced and decisions are made on verifiable data.

Seamless integration

IMDEX is partnering with leading industry software partners, such as Seequent, acQuire and Micromine, enabling the secure sharing of data between IMDEXHUB-IQ™ and our partners.

IMDEXHUB-IQ™ is ideal for applications across the exploration life cycle, providing efficient drillhole and sample data management; from daily reporting requirements, to structural logging, geochemical analysis and QA reporting.

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IMDEXHUB-IQ Brochure (English)

IMDEXHUB-IQ Cloud Security Brochure (English)

Case Studies

REFLEX solution increases productivity, accuracy and saves money
REFLEX product suite delivers significant efficiencies to a resource project in Oman
REFLEX IQ-LOGGER™ success at multiple sites
Barminco saves days and dollars, Barminco’s clients benefit

Seequent Central Live Link

Thanks to the integration of the IMDEXHUB-IQ™ with Seequent’s Central solution, you can now visualise and analyse your drillhole data alongside your 3D model in a seamless and integrated way. Whether you are a manager needing to find efficiencies in your drilling programme or a geologist needing to make decisions on your drillhole, you need a solution that can help you do this faster and with more accuracy.

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Data generated from IMDEX’s sensors flow from the field directly into acQuire GIM Suite database providing a fast and transparent data exchange.
Consistent and rich meta-data is included in the transfer, providing chain of custody information from the field to the database. This integration is only available in GIM Suite 4.

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