Control multiple survey tools through one app.

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Downhole Navigation

Driller-Operable Geophysics

In-field Geoanalysis

Structural Geology

Drilling Optimisation

Control multiple survey tools such as the REFLEX EZ-GAMMA™, REFLEX GYRO SPRINT-IQ™ and REFLEX EZ-GYRO™ through one app.

Less wires, less chargers, less equipment

Using one tablet and interface with multiple tools at the same time reduces hardware costs (including tablets, and chargers) while increasing functionality. You can now monitor everything from the one app.

Multi tool, multi stream, real-time information

IMDEX SURVEY-IQ™ allows efficient and simultaneous quality assured survey and gamma logging that can be completed by one member of the drill crew. Survey results are immediately available for approval via the cloud-based service IMDEXHUB-IQ™. As well as further analysis in ioGAS™ or 3D visualisation software such as Seequent Central.

Boost productivity

IMDEX SURVEY-IQ™ has crossed the threshold in saving hours for drilling operations by increasing productivity up to four times compared to using conventional apps.

Time stamped drillers run sheet

With paperless run sheets, the driller or supervisor has the ability to work out how many meters per shift, when the drilling happened, and even if there were stops or delays.

Key Benefits


Instant decision making with accurate real-time data


Confidence in the quality of your data through in built QA/QC


No on-site technician required with easy to use Driller-operable tools


Reduced complexity and cost of equipment

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