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The REFLEX DEPTH ENCODER™, with its ergonomic design and safety features, reduces the risk of operator injuries while still delivering an easy to assemble user-friendly system.

The unique design maintains its high level of accuracy by reducing the impact of curvature error and making perfect alignment less critical over a wider variety of applications.


An accurate probe is ineffective without an accurate depth measurement. The REFLEX DEPTH ENCODER™ is the most mature depth encoder in the market and fully integrates with select REFLEX instruments for a seamless end user experience.


Accidents happen in the field – but this design didn’t happen by accident. The REFLEX DEPTH ENCODER™ was developed as a direct response to known issues in the field. The added safety guard removes pinch point access at cable entry, while the locking mechanism has been designed as a twist lock.


REFLEX has matured digital depth encoders and developed this product to what the industry needs it to be. The device adjusts to allow for the wireline not being directly aligned. The user-friendly design can adapt to a variance in rod heights. The low maintenance design features an in section and cleaning window to allow easy access to the encoder wheel.

More Applications

The unique design enables the REFLEX DEPTH ENCODER™ to work in all standard diamond sizes as well as RC up to 4 ½” and horizontal drilling.

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  • Operating Temperature Range
  • 0 – 65°C
  • IP Rating
  • IP 65 Rating
  • Accuracy
  • 0.5% accuracy and 0.10 resolution
  • Error
  • Reduction in curvature error.


Download REFLEX DEPTH ENCODER™ Brochure – English