Self centralising spearpoint with anti-jam latch system.

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Fed up with bad ground, broken wirelines or jammed core tubes? The REFLEX EZ-LATCH™ is a next generation upper head assembly, designed to alleviate problems with an exclusive dual pin “parallel latch retraction action”, significantly reducing resistance against the locking coupling.

Traditional core barrel upper head assemblies utilise a “single pin” latch retraction system that creates an arc action during release. The greater the pressure in the core tube (created by broken or blocking core), the more resistance against the locking coupling when attempting to release, increasing the chances of a jammed core tube or broken wireline.

Can you afford not to be using the REFLEX EZ-LATCH™?

Eliminating one rod trip easily covers the initial tool outlay. One snapped wireline prevention can pay for several tools. .
Self-centering Posi-Connect spearpoint – minimising overshot mis-latch
360° spearpoint rotation, 120° arc with 3 detent positions
One tool covers N and H, with another covering H and P core diameters, meaning reduced inventory and outlay
Robust and lightweight design with quality steel for maximum component life
Reliable spearpoint connection – factory press-fit assembled for assured connection
Upgraded latch and latch pin design for greater endurance in the field
Compatible with all brands of running gear
Posi-Connect spearpoint available separately to upgrade existing head assemblies.

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