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The REFLEX VERTI-ORI™ system combines a mechanical core “footprint,” with a borehole survey instrument reading, to provide accurate core orientation to magnetic north.

Our patented REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ is pressed onto the face of the undrilled core break, before the magnetic north survey is taken and prior to recommencement of drilling, to ensure an accurate bottom of hole profile is obtained. After drilling the core run, this orientation profile is matched to the first piece of core representing the bottom of hole prior to drilling. The number of degrees to magnetic north provided by the survey is deducted from the 360° reading on the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™, producing a magnetic north orientation.

The REFLEX VERTI-ORIi™ tool assembly includes centralisers on the top and bottom of the survey unit to ensure it is absolutely central when taking the borehole survey. In addition to magnetic tool face, the survey instrument also records azimuth, dip, gravity roll, magnetic dip, magnetic intensity and all other measurements associated with a magnetic survey tool.

The full survey capability means the tool can also provide core orientations on angled holes.
Automatic self-centering
Auditable core orientations using the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™
Fits most size boreholes
Surveys and orientates both vertical and angled boreholes
Choice of single or multi-shot surveys.

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Download REFLEX VERTI-ORI™ Brochure – English