Reduce the risk of poor structural data. Accurate, auditable, core orientation data transfer.

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The accurate transfer of data when orientating core is vital in ensuring decisions about geology structure are made based on the highest possible quality, reliable information. The REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ provides an auditable process for the true transfer of core orientation data. This also allows for QA/QC procedures and consequently for further data confidence.

By minimising the risk of human error with a range of key features, the data transfer process is simple and easy to complete with inbuilt accountability and reliability. Applicable for use with all core, both on and off site, the REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ provides the assurance that structural data is valid and reliable.

Accuracy of Data Transfer

Viewing holes provide the opportunity for a visual inspection of the process, to ensure the correct marking and recording of the orientation position on the side of the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™. This is essential for future reference and QA/QC.

Reduced Risk of Human Error

A range of features and guides ensure accuracy of data transfer and minimise the risk of human error. These include the spirit level indicator which provides an easy and visible guide to show the correct position of the cradle. Centralisers over the inner tube ensure precise readings with the cradle being placed central to the core, accurately and consistently.

Better Decisions

The REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ allows for auditing of the data and process both at the time of transfer and with the use of the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ later at the Core Shed.

The REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ provides off-site QA/QC auditability and the opportunity to correct data transfer errors at a later time. Assurance as to the accuracy of information, with precise data transfer, is critical to good and confident structural decision making. Maximize your opportunity for compliance with internationally recognized standards for reporting mineral resources and reserves such as the Australian JORC Code, the Canadian NI 43-101, the European PERC Standard and the South African SAMREC and SAMVAL codes.

The combined application of the REFLEX ORI-AUDITOR™ with the REFLEX ORI-BLOCK™ provides the assurance that the data on which these reports are based, is accurate and reliable.

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