In-field Geoanalysis

Geoanalytical decisions made anywhere

Effective discovery  of resources relies on consistent workflows, quality data, robust interpretation and decision support. 

REFLEX’s advanced technology and software, with IMDEXHUB-IQ at the heart of the solution, allows data collection and interpretation wherever your project is, so geoanalytical decisions can be made anywhere, anytime with confidence.

Near Real-Time Geoanalytical Decisions

The REFLEX PRESS coupled with the REFLEX XRF solution delivers near real-time, consistent and quality multi-element data from geological samples.  QA/QC rules are built into the data collection routine to allow validation at point of collection, with remote monitoring and sign off through the IMDEXHUB-IQ.  Seamless delivery of data to ioGAS allows rapid analysis of the results supporting close to real-time decisions that can be trusted.

If you already own an Olympus VANTA portable XRF this can plug straight into the solution through our REFLEX XRF CONNECT software.  Flexible and configurable supporting your workflows and decision support needs.

Analysis Equipment

 Geoanalytical Software