AMC Europe now offering same day delivery in the UK

Operations Manager Chris Marshall seen here with Warehouse and Client Manager Tom Hardie with just a small amount of drilling additives been prepared for dispatch to a customer in the North West of Scotland.

Our drilling fluids are designed to ensure operational success in all ground formations and environmentally sensitive areas

We are very excited to be able to offer our products to a broad range of applications here in the British Ilse and being able to give the opportunity for customers to use and see the benefits of using AMC's award-winning products for themselves it is something I've been looking forward to. One of our products, AMC EZEE BORE XTRA™ is very successful in mainland Europe and we have seen our HDD customers save on water consumption, reduce the number of additives used and more importantly reduce costs of the total project.

Customers can now contact AMC either through the website or call direct to one of our Engineers and we can arrange delivery, support and design mud programs for their projects. Both Chris Marshall and Engineer Jean Marie Nachtigal are on hand to assist with clients projects, no matter what size. Together with Diamond Logistics, AMC Europe can offer a range of options for delivery, from single items to full pallet. Larger orders will still be sent from our main distribution point but for customers wanting to order small shipments for next day for example we can offer a cost-effective alternative. Our drilling fluids are designed to ensure operational success in all ground formations and environmentally sensitive areas.

At AMC we develop, manufacture and supply a comprehensive range of quality drilling fluids and specialty products to mining, water well, HDD, CBM, civil construction and tunnelling industries worldwide. These products are complemented by our integrated range of equipment, which is designed to optimise our clients’ drilling operations and reduce environmental impact. We are committed to providing an unrivalled level of support with our flexible approach, ability to respond quickly to client-specific needs and extensive global distribution network.
At AMC we have a range of solids control equipment suitable for diamond drilling, HDD, waterwell, civil and CBM operations. Clients have experienced significant improvements in drilling efficiency and reduced mud and water consumption, together with lower costs associated with site preparation and rehabilitation. All our equipment is available for sale or rental (short and long-term projects).


Down the borehole, you can’t always predict when or how things will go wrong. AMC’s patent pending Borehole Optimisation System (AMC BOS™) anticipates fluid loss, high torque and unstable zones, even in the most difficult conditions – making operations smoother and more predictable. Watch the Video below and contact Wouter De-Kroon for further information or to arrange a demonstration of the BOS tool.

Project Engineering

Our experienced engineers provide expert client and technical support and we have the ability to design, construct and deliver client-specific solids control equipment. Our design capabilities include: system specification; mechanical design; electrical design; and system automation and control. We are committed to continually improving our equipment fleet, providing high quality products, services and practices for our clients..

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