IMDEX boosts the power of data with “gold standard” integration

Leading global mining-tech company IMDEX has combined two leading data analysis products to produce a powerful workflow that delivers results applicable across the mining value chain from exploration to production.

The combination of IMDEX™ ioGAS™, the established leader in geoscience analysis, with IMDEX™ aiSIRIS™, the global leader in spectral mineralogy interpretation provides the user with a powerful solution to merge and analyse spectral mineralogy data with geochemical and other geological data sets. IMDEX™ has been working on the interoperability of the two products since it acquired AusSpec last year and with it, the aiSIRIS™ technology.

AusSpec founder and director Dr Sasha Pontual — the world’s leading spectral mineralogy expert — joined IMDEX™ as its Global Product Manager for Automated Mineralogy.

aiSIRIS™ is the first commercially operating artificial intelligence spectral mineralogy interpretation system in the world and is the leader in automated spectral mineralogy from handheld infrared spectrometers.

IMDEX™ Technical Product Support Specialist Dr Luisa Ashworth, who is working with Dr Pontual on the integration of aiSIRIS™ with ioGAS™, said that until aiSIRIS™ was developed, spectral mineralogy was confined to spectral experts using old style software, resulting in long turn around times and often delivering incomplete and inaccurate results.

“aiSIRIS™ generates a standardised output which is the first of its kind in spectral mineralogy and has been trained on over 2 million real world spectra, each of which has been interpreted in detail by a world class spectral expert, meaning it is robust across all common geological systems” Dr Ashworth said.

“aiSIRIS™ is producing expert-level interpretations much faster than a person would be able to with more accuracy than most spectral experts. It’s already clearly at the technical forefront of the industry and we are developing it to go further.”

Tools have been built into ioGAS™ for the direct query of spectral mineralogy, further refining the data analysis, which has implications for areas including mine planning, beneficiation, and production.

“The interoperability brings together two products that are the gold-standard in their fields,” Dr Ashworth said.

ioGAS™ Product Manager Putra Sadikin said the integration created a powerful data analysis workflow that delivered detailed rock knowledge analysis that addressed key “pain points”.

“The first pain point is resolved by the way aiSIRIS™ automates spectral data interpretation using a cloud-based solution. Once you push the automated mineralogy data to ioGAS™, it addresses the

second pain point which is how do we easily find patterns in that data and get better value out of the mineralogical information?”

“ioGAS™ adds an additional dimension of interpretation allowing the integration of the automated mineralogical data from aiSIRIS™ with a range of other IMDEX™ tools, and the more you know about the rocks the better decisions you will be able to make.”