ioGAS™ 7.4 – New Features

In the latest IMDEX ioGAS™ 7.4 release we have incorporated an array of new features to enhance ioGAS™ interoperability and its data handling tools. In particular, the new Edit Data and Merge Columns tools which were highly requested in our last ioGAS™ customer survey.

IMDEX ioGAS™ 7.4 new features

Batch Open
Import multiple files with the same structure and combine them into a single dataset.

SQLite Import
Open a table or view from an SQLite database

Edit Data
Make changes to data directly by editing cell values in the Data View window

Merge Columns
Merge two or more selected columns into a new or existing column. Automatic element/oxide/unit conversion if selected columns are aliased.

User Selected Variable Group
Create and save your own variable groups in the Select Variables tool

Scatterplot Error Bars
XY Plot with error bars

PCA Report Eigenvector Plots
Display eigenvector values for each principal component graphically in a new tab in PCA report