Industry best practice in interpretive techniques.
Effortlessly detect patterns, anomalies and relationships in your geoscience data.

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Inbuilt Intelligence

  • Over ten years of knowledge from ioGAS™ experts has resulted in optimised workflows and easy-to-use tools that incorporate industry best practice in interpretive techniques
  • From basic statistical outputs through to advanced robust multivariate data analysis, ioGAS™ can help you to gain greater insight into your data regardless of your level of experience.

Streamlined Data Workflows

  • Import assay, lithological, structural or geometallurgical data from a variety of standard file formats
  • Quickly transform data by using our range of industry standard classification diagrams, geoscience calculations and spider normalisations
  • Export results into your GIS environment, or popular resource and mine planning models
  • Optimised workflows can be used as templates across multiple projects.

Have Confidence

Have confidence you are using the industry-leading exploratory data analysis software to generate genuine exploration targets and downstream processing domains for your organisation.

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