Mets Ignited interviews IMDEX at EXPOMIN 2018

Sergio, thank you for being here with us.

Nando, my pleasure. Well, IMDEX has participated in EXPOMIN from the moment we started in Chile 10 years ago approximately; first as an Australian company with Australian resources, and currently, already as a global company with operations in all continents.
AMC and REFLEX are the two main brands of IMDEX Group, they coexist and cover mining processes from exploration up to the identification of resources in real-time – or as close as real-time as possible – being able to identify and make decisions about contents in the subsoil. Facilitating quality data in a timely manner is essential for good decision-making, planning and producitvity of an operation, as I mentioned before.

What is the potential of the Chilean market, and in general, the Latin-American market? Is it a target market for Australia?

It’s interesting…here, the Latin-American market, and in general, I think that we all agree there’s a recovery working differently in each country, as Chile is a very robust market, we have the support needed to help developing the region. We are quite optimistic on what is happening in the industry, participation from the event EXPOMIN 2018, and the new generation of groups such as Austrade and within the METS sector, that is something that will improve development even further. Probably, there is not much news about Chile, as we know this market and it is somewhat stable. However, we do notice that this has allowed other markets to be enhanced such as Ecuador, Colombia, and definitely Peru, where everyone wants to be now. In general, it is working very well and there is a good interest and expectation of industry growth in the next three, or four years.

Mets Ignited spoke to Sergio Jimenez our Regional Manager South America at EXPOMIN 2018 about IMDEX’s technological contributions and building relationships between LATAM and Australia.