REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ Software Release V3.0.2


The latest version of the REFLEX XRF CONNECT™ software is now available for download! We encourage users with V3.0.1 to upgrade as soon as possible. Instructions are listed below. This version is only compatible with the OLYMPUS VANTA XRF. Users with OLYMPUS DELTA XRF cannot upgrade.

What’s New in V3.0.2

REFLEX XRF CONNECT V3.0.2 has been modified to overcome problems with connecting to an instrument that does not have the “default” method installed. A fresh installation of REFLEX XRF CONNECT V3.0.2 will have no default methods available. Green connection bar is now displayed in the Instrument tab upon connection to an XRF.

Important note!

A fresh installation of REFLEX XRF CONNECT V3.0.2 will have no default Modes available in the "Instrument Profile" screen. You will need to populate your default modes by connecting your instrument and using the "Get Methods" workflow.

How to populate Mode dropdown list
  1. Connect the instrument to the computer and power it on
  2. Select the “Instrument” tab
  3. Click the “Get Methods” button. This will populate the "Mode" dropdown list with all of the available methods on the instrument
  4. Create "Instrument Profiles" as required

Note: Connecting a new instrument will require the user to repopulate the "Mode" dropdown list.


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