An IMDEX approach to safety

As innovators in the Mining Equipment, Technology and Services (METS) industry, IMDEX is committed to continually improving processes and developing products that improve safety. Our number one goal is to ensure every client, employee and contractor returns home in good health and injury free.

Our company has two industry leading brands, AMC and REFLEX. These market leaders deliver solutions for Drilling Optimisation; Downhole Navigation; Structural Geology; In-Field Geoanalysis; and Driller Operable Geophysics, to the global minerals industry and targeted non-mining applications. IMDEX’s values underpin our strong safety culture. Through engagement and recognition programs we are committed to continually improve our safety performance and system compliance to ensure a zero harm environment for our operations, stakeholders and the wider community.

As part of our safety program, we have an internal certification program to ensure due diligence obligations are met. This has been achieved at 15 global operational sites including our Johannesburg facility. The 4 star program aligns with the requirements defined by the international standards ISO9001:2015 Quality Management System and OHSAS18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. These standards and the 4 star certification program ensure legal compliance and an overarching commitment to quality, health, safety, environmental matters and risk management.

Alongside our internal processes, we are committed to developing our leading technologies so that they not only include safety features, but redefine workflows and enhance the safety culture for our clients. Some of our key innovations developed to enhance on-site safety include:

  • REFLEX MOBILE™ - Have complete visibility over your entire fleet in real-time. This easy-to-use solution for the collection of daily drill reports, safety forms and survey information makes on-site safety monitoring easier and more transparent.
  • REFLEX CORE REMOVAL TOOL™ - Traditionally, removing core from the inner tube can be laborious, unsafe and result in damage to the core sample. This magnetic core removal tool was developed specifically as a safer alternative to the existing extraction methods which were inherent with risks and dangerous to the user.
  • AMC MUD AID™ - This remotely monitored, in-field mud testing unit ensures drilling fluid parameters are monitored and optimised 24/7, without the risks of having a Drilling Fluid Engineer on site. With less time, travel, product consumption and waste, the overall result is a significant reduction in manual handling and safety risk.
  • AMC BOS™ - This wire-line downhole solution works proactively to stabilise the borehole and prevent lost circulation. The AMC BOS™ overcomes the safety issues from traditional methods that can cause unnecessary rod trips and manual handling.
  • REFLEX EZ-GYRO™ with ROTA-LOCK OVERSHOT - Innovative survey tools such as the REFLEX EZ-GYRO™ saves you time and costs by re-engineering the workflow, so you don’t require an on-site technician for drill hole surveying. The REFLEX EZ-GYRO™ features our specially-designed REFLEX ROTA-LOCK™, which is an easy to use positive safety latch locking feature to minimise accidental release of the overshot latches from the inner core tube spear-point when handling the assembly out of the borehole. Specific safety accessories such as these have been developed with safety improvement as their number one focus.
  • Innovative drilling fluids – The company has a range of innovative and environmentally acceptable drilling fluids, including a range of thread and rod greases as well as vegetable based lubricants. Greases are relatively economical and effective way to help drillers handle drill rods more safety.
  • Safety Data Sheets – The company is committed to providing information on the potential impacts of our complete drilling fluid range through SDS (Safety Data Sheets).The SDS documents inform the customer about safety and handling to reduce the health and safety risks inherent in any fluid.

About our brands

AMC redefines the way drilling fluids, equipment, technologies and software are used to optimise drilling programs – AMC strives to maximise productivity while enhancing safety and sustainability for clients. AMC has a strong presence within the global minerals, horizontal directional drilling, waterwell and civil construction sectors. For more information, visit

REFLEX is a leading IMDEX brand renowned for its real-time sub-surface intelligence solutions for the global minerals industry. The brand’s technologies include downhole instrumentation, data management and analytical software for geological modelling. These market leading technologies – recognised for their ease of use and accuracy – are completed by unrivalled expertise in geo-scientific data analysis and interpretation. For further information about REFLEX technologies and solutions visit