October 29, 2017

REFLEX PRESS™ – Demonstration

The unique design of the REFLEX PRESS™ produces sample pucks that do not require binder or protective films. The high quality surface finish, and consistent density of the samples gives better analytical performance especially for light elements. Compared to using XRF cups the pucks generate an extra 10-15% x-ray flux for elements like Mg, Al, Si and S, leading to lower detection limits and better signal to noise.
March 12, 2019

Seamless ioGAS integration just the start for Micromine 2020

Collaboration between two leading mining software providers, MICROMINE and IMDEX, has brought together detailed geoscience analytics with sophisticated 3D modelling and mine design software to enhance the geological modelling workflow. MICROMINE worked with its industry peer for several months to integrate output from IMDEX’s ioGAS solution into the next major release of its 3D modelling and mine design software – Micromine 2020 – which will be launched later this year. The collaboration means geoscientists will be able to directly import ioGAS (.gas) files into Micromine 2020 software to map and model geological domains. Micromine Product Strategy Manager Mark Gabbitus said […]